Is My Pool Losing Water? Find Out!

Aug 26, 2013 by

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    Is your pool losing water?  You’re not going crazy.  Pools do lose water all the time.  This is for obvious reasons such as normal usage (those teenagers with their cannonballs…) and simple evaporation.  So now you can rest assured that you are not delusional!  But then, when the loss of water appears extreme, the question becomes… is there a leak?

    Oftentimes it’s not a leak but that shouldn’t stop you from having a professional come out to triple check the pool for leaks.  Did we just say triple check?  Yes!  The reason you can never be too positive that you’re in the clear is because many pools are installed with a device (an auto-fill) that keeps your pool water at a consistent quantity.

    How you can test this yourself

    This helpful article has a great tip on doing a type of bucket test.  In short, here’s what you want to do.  Take a bucket, fill it with some of your pool water, place the bucket on one of your top pool steps.  You’re going to have to be sure to match the level of your pool water with the level of your bucket  Now, make sure you mark the top of where the water is in the bucket by using a wax pen.  Wait two to three days.  If your bucket and pool are equal on the amount of evaporation, you’re good.  If the pool water has gotten lower than the water in your trusty bucket, you are not good.  You have a leak.  The test must be restarted if there is rain, of course.  But we are in Texas and, so far, this has been a pretty dry summer.  You’ll likely be able to perform the test without a hitch.

    When to do the test

    If you fill your pool up manually, do a mental check on just how much you think you’ve been having to fill it up this summer.  Is it more than usual?  Then consider doing the test above.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    Reach out

    Do you need any professional help for your pool or spa right here in Central Texas?  If so, trust the name that’s been trusted for decades – Hines Pool & Spa.

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