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Hines Pool & Spa has been cleaning, repairing, renovating, and maintaining pools and spas in Central Texas since 1986. Our pool service is the best in Texas. What makes Hines Pool & Spa stand out from the competition is our promise – complete satisfaction to all of our customers. We know that you want the best in the field when your pool or spa is in need of repair or maintenance. Because of this, the pros at our company are pool & spa experts! We’re insured, certified, experienced and licensed (TICL #274).
We are proud to be Central Texas’s largest pool services company, and we are locally owned! The variety and depth we offer in pool services and pool products is unbeatable. We are known as the education pool company. Explore our site to learn more about pool and spas and our services. Did we mention we offer home delivery for pool equipment and supplies as well? We stand by our service and all our supplies. Don’t hesitate to place a secure order or get in touch with us for service!
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